Removal and shipping

Moving your home or office and shipping the items looks easy but it is possible to encounter many different "barriers".

How to move your home or office most quickly and painlessly?

Select the right moving company

  • Make a complete and most detailed list of the items, which have to be moved. This is the only way that the moving company can calculate a price offer for moving your home or office items.
Use our inquiry form to contact our team. We will advice you for free in all your questions about the removal.

  • Require a written guarantee for the declared price.Always!
Choosing BGmovers for a removal partner, you will sign a bilateral contract which protects the interests of both parties during whole removal and shipping process.

  • Ask for a guarantee of service quality. Transportation without any damages is most important by removal.

We, BGmovers pack everything extremely responsibly and with attention to detail. Our movers will carry your items with a Japanese precision, a special team of well trained and experienced movers will strengthen and inspect your property to be convinced that the removal will not harm them. In case, despite our efforts, any damage occurs and it's found in transportation, your items are insured and we will refund the cost of damages.

In BGmovers you can find also all types of packaging materials and box sizes required for your removal.

Planning and organization of removal and shipping

  • First step of removal is to determine the date and time when you want to start. When removal affects larger apartments / houses or offices or the shipping volume is bigger, we recommend to predict at least 3-4 days, which may extend the process of relocation and removal.
  • Second step - talk with a moving company that will assist you in removal. Our 12 years removal and shipping experience has shown that most of the removal problems are result of poor organization and planning.

Discussing the removal and shipping with our clients, in BGmovers we prepare a shame with all the wishes, expectations and deadlines of our customers.

Each moving project has appointed a person who is familiar with the details and fully responsible for the removal and shipping proper implementation. If you have any questions, you can discuss them with your removal assistant.

After removal finished and items are shipped, the removal assistant will sign a shipping-protocol, which is an indication that the removal is successfully completed. Also there are remarked possible problems during shipping and observations by the client.

Several practical tips by moving home and office

  • Save a free parking place near the building, where moving trucks can park. Required two park places.
  • Provide an access to your home or office. If stairs are locked or there are any objects on the floors, please warn us in advance.
  • If there are any special or fragile objects, of which the removal assistant should pay a special attention during the removal and shipping, please indicate.
  • If there are any items that you want to be shipped with a priority, please share with your removal assistant.
  • Before moving team departure, please have a last look around the house/ office for forgotten items. Pay a special attention to the hidden surfaces - ceilings, basement, closet, balcony rooms, garage, drawers, corners and stairs. Make sure once again that movers have loaded everything. Just in case!
  • When removal completed, your removal assistant is responsible to instruct the moving team to unpack the items and to collect the used packaging material.
  • Take a rest, re-arrange your home and office and share with us and all your friends your impressions of working together. Customers' feedback has always been very important to us.
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