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Moving the office and business relocation with all the office documents, equipment and furniture is a process which must be planed well. Explore the market and companies that offer moving services and office relocation, meet with their present and discuss their plans and desires. Good to be as comprehensive in order for the company that will intention to transfer the property you get a real idea about the process of moving the office and to deal as quickly as possible with the tasks assigned to it. Note, if you do not ask, you do it - what labor will be needed, what equipment, boxes, packing materials, what transport. Discuss the possibilities and difficulties of which you can come close to lifts and the necessary space for parking trucks. Make sure the company that will move your office has experience in this. Meanwhile, you begin the necessary preparation required prior to movement of equipment:

• Group office equipment, ready to be uploaded on trucks and stick colorful notes with instructions and furniture plan, identifying where the items should be transferred and where the new office should be left;

• Use letters and numbers with different color to create a coding system by which to group the items (write your code on a separate sheet to not forget the system);

• Put labels on the equipment, folders and small objects in the same way to help the movers to not interchange the transfer and the new office items to be put in the same places;

• Dispose of all unnecessary things - this will drastically reduce the amount of items moved;

• Make a copy of the scheme with all codes, colors, letters, numbers and signs affixed to furniture and belongings and give you the movers;

• Set specific guidelines for the relocation of each item;

• Make sure the moving company secured all the edges, borders, entrances and exits so as to not hurt the furniture and equipment when it is exported;

• Make sure that the fragile belongings are well packed .

On the day of transfer

• Ensure that you didn't leave on your desk any small items - pens, rubbers, photos, jewelry and other valuables;

• Make sure you have emptied the drawers and you've taken the keys inside, in case you are locked;

• Make sure you have not left any books and folders (especially valuable archives) in shelves and cabinets;

• Ensure that you have switched all the technologies - computers, fax machines, coffee and water machines; <.p>

• Make sure you didn't leave the plants in the office;

• Make sure you have inserted a fragile items in separate boxes and have them labeled with "Fragile";

• Replace the color you notes with instructions on furniture and equipment supplied by the company lists and are described in detail what property where they should be allowed in the new building.