Warehouse & Transport

Warehouse & Transport    

Freight transport and relocation of the office for us not just moving services, we at BG Movers accomplish several complex operations that ensure our clients secure and safe transfer. Qualifications and experience that our movers have a guarantee that your goods will arrive safely and on time.

Freight transport for us not only mobile services, the transport is associated with dismantling, packing and loading of baggage, and with concern for his safety at all times. To ensure high quality services, our porters use high quality machines and equipment shall comply with the requirements and desires of the client. Assumed responsibility for carriage of your goods, we hire a special person to monitor and regulate the work and fully prepare take-over protocol after the shipment.

Road transport

We carry a load and transfers across Europe and the trucks we have are in the range 10-20 tonnes. All the trucks are equipped according to latest requirements relating to international carriage of goods.

Luggage transport - students

We can move your luggage to / from each of the hostels in Europe and provide you with information on how to make your move in the most advantageous way.

For more information, contact us on Tel: 0888 88 32 37 or make your inquiry via our contact form.


1. If you have only a few small boxes to move, can I use your services for freight?

If the load which must be less than 3m3 shipments, we recommend you use the services of a smaller logistics companies freight. Council, we can give you is to take care of proper packaging of cargo, especially if the cargo will be loaded or reloaded in different cities or its a long way. Moreover you should know that it is possible couriers you categorically refuse carriage if the baggage is not adequately packaged.

2. If I do not have transportation, can I travel with the car carrying the load?

Unfortunately, according to official directives for international haulage is categorically prohibited persons and goods to travel together.

3. What are the responsibilities and commitments that I have as a client once I committed company that help me in moving and transporting cargo?

Make sure all items are packed well and movers have loaded everything on the truck - if you have comments or are concerned that we have missed something, talk to the person responsible for the carriage of cargo of your place. If everything meets your requirements and relocation can begin signing-over record.

For more information and other questions, please contact us on Tel: 0888 88 32 37 or make your inquiry via our contact form.