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Home and/or the office relocation, moving to a new city or country even for a limited time frame could be very stressful - packing, unpackiging, loading, transportation, organization of movers and trucks - all that can become infinite and annoying obligation. When we created BGmovers we wanted to save you just that. Our movers are reliable, flexible and always available and ensure that they deliver the goods and your luggage correctly and on time. BGmovers is with over than 12 years experience on the moving market and all these years experience and thousands of movings and transport services that we have accomplished taught us a lot. Today, we are a company that offers simple moving services and transport, we were able to develop their businesses, expand the logistics network, we have offices in Sofia, Varna, Bourgas, Plovdiv and Stara Zagora and built a strong team of professionals. Fleet which includes fireplaces have from 1 to 20 tonnes and practically enables the rapid and adequate transportation of cargo and baggage using our moving services in Bulgaria and Europe. The movers of BGmovers do over 2000 movingss yearly or these are more than 25 000 movings and goods transportation in total. We are able to offer household and a corporate moving of offices and banks. Some of our most loyal customers are: Raiffeisenbank, Slavi show, bTV, National Assembly of Bulgaria. • You are moving your home or office? • You need an assistance in packaging and transport of your belongings? • You are looking for professionals in the relocation? • You need professional movers to trust them? • You want to know what happens to your belongings and where they are at any time by handling and transport? You can contact us bu phone: 0888 88 32 37 (the price of a local call) or make your inquiry via our contact form.